A Favor

Narrative Experience

Moritz Aigner [5AHMNG] | betreut durch: Andreas Metz
Christian Munteanu [5AHMNG] | betreut durch: Simon Parzer
Nico Niefergall [5AHMNG] | betreut durch: Alexander Hager
Philipp Pohler [5AHMNG] | betreut durch: Lisa Wiesbauer

HBLuVA f. Textilindustrie Wien V – Spengergasse, Medien, Ausbildungsschwerpunkt Gamedesign, 2021

A Favor is a 15-minute-long, first-person, narrative game experience.

Explore the apartment as you complete the chores laid out by your friend. Examine the environments to learn more about your friend and his secret. Discover the truth on where and who your friend is and why these strange occurrences happen.