Where is Eleanor Rose

2D adventure game with visual novel elements

Danai Akrivou [5AHMNG] | betreut durch: Alexander Nowak
Catherine Joy Calupas [5AHMNG] | betreut durch: René Ksuz
Smilla Johanna Gander [5AHMNA] | betreut durch: Sigmund Steiner
Lena Heher [5AHMNG] | betreut durch: Michael Schreiber
Lena Schibany [5AHMNA] | betreut durch: Michelle Laker

HBLuVA f. Textilindustrie Wien V – Spengergasse, Medien, Ausbildungsschwerpunkt Gamedesign, 2020

Many people immerse themselves in the virtual world of games. There are various reasons for this, including fleeing to a “better world” - away from grief and suffering.

“Where is Eleanor Rose?” is a 2D adventure game which deals with the topic of grieving and is intended to provide a way for players to understand people who are currently in a phase of mourning.