Adventure in Store


Rina Holzinger, Sonja Schaller, Lukas Schmaderer [Kolleg Animation] | betreut durch: Binder-Müller Florian, Thomas Knopper, Werner Pramel

HBLuVA f. Textilindustrie Wien V – Spengergasse, Medien, Ausbildungsschwerpunkt Animation, 2018

Inspired by the rather bland reality a little girl loses herself in adventurous daydreams. Her father tries to stop her at every turn but soon learns to put her happiness first.

The team is very proud to present their animated short film. The film was a graduation project. Animated and painted in Adobe Animate CC, Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

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Rina Holzinger |
Sonja Schaller |
Lukas Schmaderer |

And finally credits, where credits are due:
Music by Bernd Dormayer |
Sound Design by Isabella Sherif |
Audio Post-Production by Blautöne |
Produced by HTL Spengergasse |


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Blautöne, Spengergasse

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