Production and design of a short film

Johanna Halbartschlager (Urheberin/Urheberrechte) [5MMA 2022/23] | betreut durch: Fabian Zeidler, MA
Laura Sonnberger (Urheberin/Urheberrechte) [5MMA 2022/23] | betreut durch: Gerald Preißl, BSc

HTBLA 1 Linz Goethestraße, Medien, Ausbildungsschwerpunkt Multimedia, 2023

The thesis examines the development, production and design of the short film drama „Who the f*ck is Juliet?“. From the pre-production stage to the film’s marketing, the work focuses on the practical implementation and design of the film. The moviemakers reflected on the life reality of their generation and came to the conclusion that all things they were currently dealing with are not a development of modern times. Hopes and dreams, grief, ecstasy and euphoria, rebellion, love, sexuality and searching for oneself are all emotions that have preoccupied young people since the beginning of mankind. The goal was to create a contemporary authentic and vulnerable image of Shakespeare’s coming of age based story „Romeo and Juliet"